We provide a wide range of group activities.  These include formal discussion or topic led sessions to more informal peer support sessions.  We offer group support sessions during the day, evenings and on Saturdays and also provide more holistic sessions to improve health and well-being or social activities.   

Some of our groups are open to all and have a diverse group of people who attend.  These include:

  • Health and well-being sessions – evening sessions which look at a variety of health and well-being issues such as yoga, exercise, mindfulness, nutrition.
  • Saturday brunch sessions – monthly support sessions available to all on Saturdays.

Some of our group sessions are tailored for particular groups, to allow for the support and topics to be focussed and tailored to their needs.  For example:

  • PACT – an evening support group for positive gay, bisexual and trans men
  • Valour – a daytime support group for positive migrant women
  • Str8 Talk – an evening support group for positive heterosexual men
  • Together4Life – a weekend support group for positive and affected young people

Please speak to a member of our support team or see our website for dates/times and details of specific activities.

Valour - Women's group - Friday 11.30 am - 2.00 pm

Valour is vibrant and welcoming support group for BME women living with HIV. Sessions are every 2 weeks and focus on all aspects of life including health, education, employment, relationships and family matters and confidence building and self-esteem. We also enjoy various arts and crafts activities and social events to local attractions. It is also a chance to meet other women in a safe and confidential environment. Childcare is provided on site, and is free of charge. Come and join us, we have lots to share.

Together 4 Life - Young people's group - Saturday from 2pm

Together 4 Life is a group for young people aged 12-18 who are living with HIV or affected by HIV. The group meets for support, trips and other activities such as dance and drama workshops, healthy living sessions, confidence-building, meeting new people and lots more. It’s a great opportunity to meet other young people in a safe and friendly environment. The group meets every 6 weeks on a Saturday from 2pm, and if you're interested in attending, please call for further information.

PACT (Positive And Coping Together)- Gay, Bisexual, MSM and Trans*  men's group - Tuesday 6-8pm

Members are from all backgrounds and are of all ages and length of time they have been living with HIV; from newly diagnosed to men who have been HIV positive for 20 years+. The men offer peer support based on their experiences of living with HIV and how to deal with difficulties that may arise in your life. Disclosure, mental health, drug use, negotiating safer sex, isolation, treatments and broader sexual health have all been recent discussion points in the group. Sessions are planned based on what the group decide is relevant or important to them. 

The group is confidential, supportive and an opportunity to meet other men. 

Str8 Talk - heterosexual men's group - Thursday 6-8 pm

This monthly group explores the support issues affecting Heterosexual (Straight) men and meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

This confidential facilitated group gives HIV positive heterosexual men an opportunity to meet and discuss issues of importance to them. The focus is on support and socialising as many men are isolated in terms of HIV support. As with all BHA Leeds Skyline groups the members interests are used to define the support sessions and content. Recent groups have been focusing on new medications, co-infections, disclosure (telling someone your HIV status) HIV transmission and the law. Guests have included The Kings Fund research project and the lead HIV clinician for Leeds.

Health and Well-being Sessions - open to all - Thursday 6-8 pm

Our monthly health and well-being sessions focus on all aspects of health and well-being and are open to anyone living with HIV in Leeds.  They run on the first Thursday of the month and provide opportunities to meet others and get involved in a full programme of health and well-being activities.  Previous sessions have included yoga, dance, relaxation and exercise sessions.  Please get in touch to find out what we have planned or see our upcoming events.

Saturday Social - open to all - Saturday 11 am - 1 pm

Our Saturday social runs on the last Saturday of the month and provides the opportunity to meet new people.  See our events page for further details.