Rapid HIV Testing

BHA Manchester is now offering free & confidential HIV testing within community settings across Greater Manchester. Results are available in just 20 minutes.

blood test HIV

An HIV tests is the only way to know if you have HIV. The earlier you know your status, the healthier your life will be. Most people who test early and access treatment live a long and healthy life. Blood will be taken from a simple finger prick and placed on a testing strip. Results will be ready after 20 minutes.  We will facilitate any onward referrals needed, and support you regardless of the result.

Recent risk?

If you have put yourself at risk of HIV infection within the last 72 hours, you can attend your local sexual health centre or A and E and request PEP. This needs to be within 72 hours of potential exposure, and consists of a months course of anti-HIV treatment. The closer in time from the exposure will mean the medication has a better chance of preventing HIV transmission from occuring.

When should I test?

It takes 12 weeks for the antibodies of HIV infection to show up in your blood. This is called the window period. In this time, it is not advisable to test as your result may not be accurate.

If you test within the window period, we will always advise you to come back for a further test at 12 weeks.

If you decide to test at your local sexual health clinic, you can ask for a test which may be able to detect HIV itself, as well as the antibodies, at just 4 weeks. This will involve taking blood intravenously (from the arm), and is different from the finger prick tests we use at BHA. You will usually have your results in 2 weeks, and you are welcome to call us at any time during this process to get support and advice.

If you would like our team to provide HIV testing at your location or at your event please contact us for details. This is a free service.  Please contact us on 0161 8742183 or email [email protected]