Tackling Social Isolation & Increasing Support

Stigma and discrimination against HIV positive men and women is still a huge issue but in African communities is more pronounced.  Fear of stigma leads to people not disclosing their status, and therefore cutting off support networks which may previously have been of huge benefit.

People living with HIV are more likely to develop a mental health problem than the general population and this can be exacerbated by social isolation. We recognise that the provision of psychological intervention can made a difference to the long term health and well-being of someone living with HIV, including how well they manage their condition and adhere to treatment.

 With funding from Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups we are able to offer a support service targeted at African men and women that will:

  • create awareness of psychological therapies and improve understanding of mental health
  • offer emotional and practical support through group and 1-to-1 sessions
  • develop a befriending scheme to support newly diagnosed individuals
  • improve communication and engagement with health professionals

 This support service will be available from April 2017.