Roma Family Support

The project aims to improve the stability and quality of Roma families and community life, through access to services and activities, leading to improved health and wellbeing, reducing levels of social and economic exclusion and increasing economic independence among young people. The project also aims to tackle discrimination and narrow the gap between disadvantaged groups to the wider community and between Manchester and the rest of the country. Read more

Romani Wellbeing Project

The aim of this project is to provide advice and support Romani people living in Manchester, in accordance with the individual and family needs. This project is predominantly about building individual capacity to gain knowledge of their social rights, improving their own skills and access various types of social opportunities (e.g. education system, welfare system, NHS system, housing rights, employment/work rights). Read more

Supporting Roma Voices

Supporting Roma Voice (SRV) was a multi-agency, practice led project, which aimed to advance the growth of grassroots community advocacy as part of the growth of an inclusive and engaged Roma community in the UK. The project focused on exploring the experiences of Roma migrants in the UK and to use these evidence as future foundation for advocacy action lead by Roma advocates. Read more

Roma's S.M.I.L.E. Project

The S.M.I.L.E. was an international multi-agency led project with the key objective to establish a Cooperative Learning Environment between Roma and other students. The idea of the whole project is to approach the problem in a holistic manner through the establishment of educational community that will actively provide concrete answers and solutions to educational problems. Read more

The Routes Project

The Routes Project is an multi-agency led project focused on providing advice and support to international new arrivals in Manchester. The project investigated the experiences, motivations, and ambitions of Roma migrants and introduced measures for capacity-building within the Roma migrants’ community, provisions for advice and support services. At the core of this project was the assertive outreach work with children and families in the new Roma community. Each support worker has sought to mee Read more

Policy Cooperation and Innovation Roma Multilateral project

This was an international multi-agency led project focused to develop lifelong learning measures for Roma migrants integration in Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The project focused specifically on highlighting potential barriers to integration and identifying solutions for newly arriving Roma. Furthermore, the programme aim was to raise participation and attainment levels of Roma students in education and VET (Vocational Education and Training). Read more